How to clean a mattress?


Marks and stains on your mattress

Start by vacuuming your mattress to remove any obvious debris, dust and dirt from the surface.

Spot cleaning a mattress is an effective way to deal with any small marks. Using a special fabric cleaner, a small amount of soapy liquid or baking soda should allow you to take care of that small stain or mark. Always test a little of your cleaning solution on a hidden part of the mattress first.

You can also air your mattress without bed sheets for 24-48 hours to help with odours. If you can easily move it outside (and it's dry) even better!

Professional mattress cleaning is available so if it's a larger, tougher stain then it might be time to call in the mattress cleaning experts.

Also consider a mattress protector to protect your mattress from stains.

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